There's been a bit of discussion about the Finger Lakes freezing over, as well 
as the Great Lakes, on the Cayuga Birds list in recent weeks.  I came across 
this article from one of the channel 9 (Syracuse) weathermen, which indicates 
that the Great Lakes, as of last Friday, had more than 79% of their surface 
area frozen.  
> Great Lakes Freezing Over: Dave Eichorn's Blog

Where do all the birds go?  Lake Ontario is only about half frozen, so maybe 
they go there.

You'll notice in the photo that Cayuga and Seneca are not frozen.  Not sure why 
they don't freeze over, too.  And, no, they are not deeper than the Great 
Lakes, except for Erie.  (This is kind of bugging me, so let me know if you 
have a good answer!)

Liisa Mobley
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