At the urging of our food column editor, Steve Fast, I led a small group of 
bird club members on a trip up the lake to Dories (Aurora) for lunch. Good 
food, good prices, and we found a few good birds along the way.

There were gulls on the ice off East Shore Park, but they were mostly hunkered 
down and facing us, so we were unable to turn any white-winged gulls. At Ladoga 
we got good looks at the diverse flock of ducks, including Canvasback, Redhead, 
Ring-necked, and both Scaups. There were Common Goldeneye and a couple of 
Long-tailed Ducks offshore but no grebes in sight. 

We then detoured through the farm fields in north Lansing and into Genoa where 
we came upon a cooperative flock of Snow Buntings (150), Horned Larks (15), and 
two Lapland Longspurs. Sad for me to say, but we also ran into a successful 
coyote-hunting party on Mahaney Road. 

We jogged over to Indian Field Road where we found two Snowy Owls, one atop a 
light pole, the other on a dairy barn. We passed the Lab/campus shuttle heading 
south, and couldn't help wondering how they missed the turn when heading out 
from Corson/Mudd Hall. They had just seen the owls and seemed quite content.

>From the boathouse in Aurora we scanned the lake and picked out a couple of 
>Horned Grebes and White-winged Scoters along with the usual Goldeneye and 
>Buffleheads. Finally, just after noon, we made it to Dories, warmed up, had a 
>great lunch, and headed back. Out last stop was along the road just north of 
>Long Point State Park to look more closely at a pair of Tundra Swans. While 
>there, Jason picked out a distant grebe that turned out to be a Red-necked 
>Grebe, swimming with a few Horned Grebes. Just as I write this I received an 
>email from Jason Huck who remained behind after we left Long Point. He found 
>an additional group of close-in White-winged Scoters and fifteen Horned 
>Grebes. All together, not bad for a cold mid-winter day.

Bob McGuire

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