Also, I've read that when the early settlers claimed their military lots in
Lansing, the Ludlow brothers came up the frozen lake with their horse and
wagon rigs to Salmon Creek, and then made their way up the stream to settle
the hamlet of Ludlowville.

To wit: "Thomas Ludlow, the son of Henry Ludlow married Julia Norris in
December 1778 in Southampton. They lived briefly at Roxbury, Morris County,
NY. In February of 1791 who was then a major in the Continental Congress,
his father Henry, and his brother Silas Ludlow moved to Tompkins County,
NY. They were the first white settlers in the area and came by way of
Athens, NY, on the Susquehanna River. The men arrived at the head of Cayuga
Lake and went north on the ice pulling their valuables behind them on a
sled until they reached the Salmon Creek outlet. They went up the ravine
and found the falls which would later provide them with water power. They
first located land that suited them and then gained title to it. This was a
pattern many others attempted to follow, but most of them did so less
succesfully than the Ludlows. They built cabins and waited for spring. They
then applied to purchase the land on which they had settled, known as
Military Lot Number 76 in the town of Milton. They paid $60.00 and
gradually developed around them as they wold and leased land to others.
They built a sawmill of logs, twenty feet square, and the first gristmill
below the falls."


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