Livia and I spent a couple of hours along the east shore of Cayuga Lake
from East Shore Park up to Myers Point. A good number of Aythya flocks were
tucked in along the houses and docks just north of East Shore, but
difficult to get good looks at. No sign of the Tufted on this side either,
but we did find two rarer ducks: Chris's REDHEAD X CANVASBACK hybrid from
yesterday, and an apparent SCAUP X REDHEAD HYBRID. The former was sleeping
in a Redhead flock and difficult to pick out, very similar in size and body
shape to the Redheads and only slightly paler-bodied. When it would briefly
put its head up, its longer, sloping Canvasback-like face was evident, but
it was generally uncooperative. The scaup hybrid was more awake but even
less cooperative, swimming with a line of Redheads and disappearing behind
a house, not to be refound by us. It also had a very Redhead-like
appearance. The back was gray, the sides pale gray, darker than a scaup but
paler than the surrounding Redheads. The head was the strange
reddish-purple color I have seen on other Redhead hybrids, not as black as
a scaup but with just a tinge of red (not the irridescent purple that a
Lesser Scaup often shows, rather a dull, matte blackish red.) I have poor
photos of both birds that I will post when I get a chance.

Otherwise, the usual waterfowl dominated. White-winged Scoters and
Red-breasted Mergansers continue (40+ and 22+ respectively). Myers was
relatively quiet, with the point unpleasantly windy and well snowed in.
Most of the activity was off the marina, but no unusual species.


On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:51 AM, bob mcguire

> I spent an hour or so along Rt 89 this morning, trying to get a good look
> from the road at the large mixed flock of ducks & geese north of the ice
> edge. Numerous Redheads, Canvasbacks, both Scaup, Goldeneye, Buffleheads, a
> couple of Ruddy Ducks. But NO Tufted Duck. Access to the lake shore is what
> was needed. I thought for a moment of walking up the ice from Elaina's but
> didn't. After Dave's sighting yesterday, I wouldn't be at all surprised if
> the TUDU was in that flock.
> Bob
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