A year or two ago, I put chicken wire around our double-caged 
suet-feeder (suet cage inside a bigger feeder cage) to stop the 
red-squirrel from sitting inside all day and excluding birds from the 
suet. This frustrated the squirrel all right, and small birds could get 
in and out. But I noticed that sometimes when trying to get out fast, 
they could scrape & perhaps damage their flight feathers. So I took the 
chicken wire off. Especially since a Carolina Wren pair  loves to come 
to the suet. (This Feb we have had only one of the pair coming.) 
Two-inch mesh chicken wire is too large to keep the squirrel out.

An interesting observation: the Red-br Nuthatch pair were the first to 
figure out how to get in through  the ch-wire, then chickadees and 
carolina wrens. But the goldfinches just could never figure out that 
they had to perch and get in before they could get to the suet. They 
kept going round and round, never got in.

Nari Mistry, Ellis Hollow Rd.
*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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