Hi all,

I was primarily  interested in seeing Snowy Owls, so I headed to 96a where a 
Snowy Owl has been reported as recently as Feb 17. But I did not find it. Along 
the route rout 96a from Ovid, I saw a few Red-tails, Am. Crows and a few Horned 
Larks along 96 A.  Before Ovid I took 89 and 96 I did not see any birds except 
on the lake at south-end.

On the way back I came via  Seybolt Road and did not find any Snowy Owls there 
either, but some Horned Larks.

Then I stopped at Sheldrake Park, here I large saw a flock of Greater Scaups, a 
few Goldeneyes, a few Redheads, one female Red-Breasted Merganser (she seemed 
to be one her own close to the houses and seemed injured), and one Red-necked 

Then along the Sheldrake shores there were lots of Canada Geese and some more 
Scaups, Ring-necked Duck and a few Canavasbacks. A flock of Canada Geese took 
to flight among them there was one very small goose probably a Cackling Goose. 
Also there was a single Pied-billed Grebe on its own feeding actively.

Then I stopped at south-end of Cayuga Lake the usual ducks and Mergansers were 
seen, nothing special, no scoters.

On the way somewhere near first Trumansburg turn off, I saw Rough-legged Hawk.


Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850



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