Dave Nutter and I went up the lake starting around 12:15. Our stops were the 
Ithaca Marina (or boat club), Taughannock Park (north side) and Sheldrake.  We 
saw all ducks, except for Northern Shoveler and any teal. No rarities. Dave 
found White-winged Scoters at Taughannock and Sheldrake. A single Ruddy Duck 
was seen at Sheldrake. Of note, there were many gulls at the north end of 
Taughannock plus one Red-necked Grebe that Dave viewed far north. One last 
thing, at Taughannock we saw many Red-breasted Mergansers and also at 
Sheldrake. Personally, I have never seen them in those numbers!

Dave, if I missed something, please post it. All athyas were in abundance.

Forgot to mention- we also saw 4 Bald Eagles at the Marina- two adults and two 
juveniles.  We saw the nest north of Glen Wood Pines, but no eagles present. My 
hunch is that they were on the ice, but...
Good birding, Ann

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