After the snow stopped this afternoon, I set up my scope to do a little 
driveway birding.  I noticed some dark specks over Buffalo Hill;  these showed 
to be 3 pairs of RAVENS, each pair flying wingtip-to-wingtip as mated pairs 
often do during courtship.  All 3 pairs were in a kettle, circling about each 
other, no more than 30-40 feet apart.  One of the pairs seemed less closely 
attached than the other two, and would separate for some distance before coming 
back together.  I was wondering to myself if they ever got mixed up, when, 
twice, I observed two pairs come very close and actually exchange partners for 
around 5 seconds or so (each new "couple" flying wingtip-to-wingtip) before 
breaking apart and returning to their original situation.
All this lasted for 10 minutes before 2 of the pairs floated elsewhere.  I then 
watched the remaining pair doing short dives, barrel rolls, etc.

Steve Fast


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