Talk about confused Mergs...I found one in N. Syracuse walking down the middle 
of South Bay Rd near Taft Rd. in the snow Sunday afternoon.  John Moore lived 
on the side street the Merganser ran to trying to escape my rescue effort, and 
we were able to get him to rehabilitator Jean Soprano for check up and fish, 
and then return to open water.  How wonderful to hold a Red-breasted Merganser 
in arm!!!

Apparently there is a lot of this happening with Grebes and Mergs.  In their 
pursuit of open water, they are seeing roads as open water and not being able 
to take off from land once they are down on the ground!  Two local rehab sites 
have had several brought in with so much frozen water this year.

Judy Thurber

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> On Mar 5, 2014, at 10:22 AM, "Pete M. Marchetto" <> 
> wrote:
> There were several male Common Mergansers looking very confused while 
> swimming just above the falls at the dam on Fall Creek by the Forest Home 
> bridge this morning. One looked like he was about to go over the edge! Are 
> these guys migrating in, or just natively confused?
> -Pete
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