Just a reminder and an invitation.  John Confer will be leading a group to
look and listen for owls this coming Saturday,  March 8.  It promises to be
a fun evening, John has been out scouting his route.

Here's the description as is on the calendar.

Dress super-warmly related to weather of the day because the trip will
involve walking and a lot of standing still, which can be especially cold.
We will try for a mix of species, which are often hard to get to respond.
Try for Long-eared Owl by walking along Thomas Rd, Screech Owl along hiking
trail on Game Farm Rd, and Saw-whet at Park Preserve and Saw-whet and
Barred Owl at Star-Stanton Rd. It is possible to strike out on all four,
but it is a good time of year to see if they respond. Trip will end at
about 9:30.
Call 539-6308 before 5:00 PM if there is a concern about weather that
night.  John Confer

Meet at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at 7 PM.

All are welcome regardless of membership status or level of expertise.

Hope you can make it.

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this evil, what is the good
of the good of your life?

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