As the day looked good for eagle watching, I went up on Mt. Pleasant, arriving 
at 1100 and vowing to stay until 1400.  There was an active flock of 25  SNOW 
BUNTINGS foraging about, and at one point, most perched on the utility wires 
near the towers.  The wind picked up, gusting from the SE, which was not 
pleasant, but typical.
I was contemplating a hot lunch at 1350 when the dark phase ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK 
appeared, flapping and gliding, over the conifers to the south.  While watching 
it, a very large, dark bird loomed up beyond, which proved to be an adult 
GOLDEN EAGLE.  It spiraled up, eventually getting lost in the sun.  Juiced up, 
I decided to stay a bit longer, and at 1410 an immature BALD EAGLE appeared to 
the east.  Eagle quota filled, hands numb, outta there.

Steve Fast


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