Watching the movement of snow geese from my office in the Veterinary Research 
Tower today has been quite interesting.  Almost all flocks have made a wide arc 
northeast (coming from the direction of Mt. Pleasant) of the tower that brings 
them over Cayuga Heights and then they drop down toward the lake.  Only 2 
flocks that I have seen so far have stayed straight flying north.  Estimated at 
least 3000 birds have flown past since 10AM.

This morning at our house in Freeville we had 1 fox sparrow, 17 Rusty 
blackbirds, and 3 grackles.  The grackles have been back for about a week, but 
this is the first we have seen of the blackbirds and the fox sparrow.  2 male 
and 1 female purple finch have also returned to the feeder after being gone for 
much of the winter.

Andrew Miller


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