I decided to check the migration from Mt. Pleasant today between 10:30 and 
12:30. Flocks of geese filled the sky in every direction, but not as 
concentrated as yesterday's mid-day movement. I suspect that I missed much of 
the movement, especially of Snows as many flocks passed over as I headed up the 
mountain, and numbers diminished during the time I was there. Most of the 
larger flocks were well to the west of Mt. Pleasant, but many directly over the 
observatory at Mt Pleasant as well -- and as they fought the stiff NW wind, 
birds were often quite low.

Overall, I had roughly equal numbers of CANADA GEESE (11,800) and SNOW GEESE 
(9000) -- but 2000+ of the SNOWs were in a stubble field farther east on Mt. 
Pleasant Rd. I found a pair of ROSS's GEESE together in this flock, but they 
all took off before I could attempt photos. I also saw at least 6 CACKLING 
GEESE among the large flocks of Canadas -- observing relative size was 
difficult in some flocks, as many were mixed Canadas and Snows.

Other birds of interest passing by were 8 NORTHERN PINTAIL, 4 TUNDRA SWANS, 1 
adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK, 1 immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK (large brown, streaky, 
big-chested), several hundred COMMON GRACKLES, RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS, and 
AMERICAN ROBINS, and 3 AMERICAN PIPITS. a flock of 10 KILLDEER was in a field 
across from the observatory, and 2 SNOW BUNTINGS flushed when the large Snow 
Goose flock took off.

It was very difficult scanning in all directions, and fighting the strong gusty 
winds, so I'm sure I missed many birds!


Ken Rosenberg
Conservation Science Program
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
607-342-4594 (cell)


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