The conditions Barbara Eden described were true for the south end of Lower Lake Rd, but it was different farther north.

Late this morning and mid-afternoon Ann Mitchell & I saw a large flock (several thousand) SNOW GEESE considerably east of the boat ramp at Cayuga Lake State Park on Lower Lake Rd in Seneca Falls and considerably south from Harris Park in the Village of Cayuga, i.e. keeping their distance from the shore. They were on the north edge of a persistent shelf of ice north of Union Springs. From Cayuga L SP north is open water with lots of ducks. These SNOW GEESE were generally more audible than visible. The warm south winds crossing over the ice caused tremendous heat shimmer, but on several occasions when they got excited (a couple times for unknown reasons, and at least once because of bozos plowing past in a boat - start of fishing season) and took flight for a minute they became more clear when they rose into the air, but as they descended became blurry again.

There were also thousands of SNOW GEESE today on the mucklands along the south (Town of Tyre, Seneca County) side of NYS-31.
--Dave Nutter

On Apr 01, 2014, at 06:30 PM, "Barbara B. Eden" <> wrote:

On this glorious day we took a drive hoping to see flocks of  Snow Geese on the shallow waters at  this

northern point of Cayuga Lake. Much to my surprise, the lake was still quite frozen and the only waterfowl were small groups of Red heads and Canvas Backs on the small areas of open water.

I wonder if they have skipped the lake entirely this  year.

~Barbara Eden


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