For the last three days, there have been 5-7 Royal Terns mixed in with the
gang of Ring-bills and immature Herring gulls at the Myer's Park spit. The
lake and stream levels are high and there is not much spit above water for
the crowd of birds to use. The gulls fuss and argue the real estate while
the terns do as terns do, sit quietly ignoring them, huddled together all
facing the wind. Yesterday, I watched two immature Herring Gulls repeatedly
dropping mollusks on the gravel spit presumably to open them.

Everyday I see exquisitely plumed pairs of Hooded and Common
Mergansers cruising up and down Salmon Creek ignoring the wind, rain, and

At Salt Point, the E. Bluebirds are populating the meadow; a Red-tailed
Hawk patrols the Salmon Creek near Rt. 34; Killdeer, Amer. Robins, Song
Sparrows, and N. Mockingbirds dominate the air-waves; and rattling
 Red-winged blackbirds and Kingfishers compete for back up. Coots, C.
Geese, Mallards, mergansers, and Red-head Ducks patrol the shore and the
call of a Common Loon can still be seen and heard every few days offshore.
(I'm usually focused on the ospreys so my bird sightings are by no means

The pair of ospreys that were claiming the new platform at Myers Hill
apparently stopped their efforts. I have not seen them in over a week. Has
anyone else? These things happen. There is still time for another pair to
move in. Last year, the Salt Point pair did not meet until Earth Day, April
22, 2013. The female osprey—I nicknamed the female Ophelia and male
Orpheus)—at Salt Point should be getting ready to lay eggs soon.

and that's the way it is...


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