On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 11:53 AM, daven1024 wrote:

> First attempt at posting did not go thru.

FYI, your first attempt went through, but was identified by gmail as spam.
I started noticing a couple weeks ago that a high proportion of list
traffic was suddenly being marked as spam by gmail (the client I use for my
list mail; I don't know to what extent other mail clients are seeing this),
so I had to explicitly add a filter to not mark any list traffic as spam.

Gmail still gives me a banner insisting that I'm probably still looking at
spam, and just scrolling back the last couple days, it appears that all
messages from yahoo and aol have been marked thus, including from David
Wheeler, Dave Nicosia, Joseph Brin, and Susan Fast among others.

I mention these names not to accuse or anything, just to inform and
indicate the stupidity of the whole situation. Unfortunately, stupid spam
filtering is as impossible to defeat as spamming in general, so I don't
really have any recommendations for these innocent victims. For anyone else
noticing this, all I can suggest is to do what I did: to add an exception
to your client to never mark any list traffic as spam. I understand that
the list already engages its own spam filtering (that appears to be very
effective), so adding such a filter should be a safe bet (until the next
round of the spam-filtering arms race).

Hope this was helpful to some.


PS. On the birding front: had a virginia rail at the North Spring Pool
parking lot yesterday (Monday) evening while scouting for a volunteer marsh
survey project. Also several woodcocks peenting in the South Spring Pool


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