Hi Cayuga Birders,

Driving on Rte 79 towards Ithaca today, I caught a short look at a bird
that I think was a great egret. I was not able to slow down or turnaround,
so hopefully someone else can confirm the bird.

The bird was near the Caroline Elementary School, but across 79 from the
school in a flooded field. What I remember seeing was a large white bird
with long black legs, a long neck and a long yellowish bill. My brain said
immediately, "Great Egret". But I wasn't able to stop, slow town, or turn
around to confirm. Has anyone else seen this bird around? Was I seeing
something? Was it a misleading piece of lawn statueage? I hope someone else
will see the bird and confirm that I wasn't hallucinating!

In overdue news, Alberto Lopez, Nancy Chen and I covered much of the east
half of Tompkins county on Saturday morning. Of the 122 species that we
bumped into before 2 PM, highlights were 2 Soras calling and a Snipe
barking at Goetchius, a flyover American Bittern at the Park Preserve
(South), expected but awesome breeding warblers at this site and at Hammond
Hill (Mourning, Canada, Hooded, LA Waterthrush, Prairie, etc), Bonaparte's
Gulls and Orchard Orioles at Myers and Salt Points, respectively, lingering
ducks, a Red-breasted Merganser and Horned Grebe at Stewart Park, and Cape
May Warblers and a Philadelphia Vireo at Sapsucker Woods. Plus one
frustrating glimpse at what may have been a goshawk at the Park Preserve, a
bird that, like so many others, will remain unidentified into eternity.

Sure is fun birding this time of year.

Good birding,
Chris Dalton
Ithaca, NY


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