After four or five days delay he is back today!  I was starting worry that 
something happened to him and to my neighboring catbird.

I heard a single chatter at 4.11 am as I was awake from 3.30 am. So I got ready 
with my recorder if I heard the chatter again. I was wondering who made that 
sound, I was thinking may be the wren, but now I know it is the catbird.  Then 
everything was quiet till 6.40 am.  At 6.40 am he started singing and his 
phrases were so fast and lots of new sounds which I have not heard before. It 
seemed he was  in hurry to establish his territory and make sure nobody else 
has taken up the territory.  Now he is quiet.  So he must have landed at 4.11 
am and gone to sleep till 6.40 am.  And now again he is resting or looking for 
something to eat.

How cool! And I am so thrill he has returned! So one more season of saving my 
moths in the morning from his claws (or rather his beak), that means I have to 
be up before the day breaks and photograph the moths and scare them away from 
my sheet!



Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850


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