Very few shorebirds on the ground at Carncross at the moment, but three RED
KNOTS just flew over with three Black-bellied Plovers. Perhaps more
noteworthy still, a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was sitting with a small
flock of Canada Geese in the water. They all just took off and flew north.
On May 30, 2014 5:25 PM, "Dave Nutter" <> wrote:

> I just got a call (5:10pm) from Dominic Sherony who was at Montezuma
> earlier today. He says that when he arrived at Carncross Road about 11:30am
> there was a flock of 40-50 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS in the air along with some
> RED KNOTS - he's not sure how many. They had apparently been put up by an
> eagle, and they circled higher and departed. Joe Wing, who was there before
> they took flight, may have a count. At least 5 RED KNOTS remained at
> Carncross when Dominic left at 12:20pm, along with various other
> shorebirds, some of them distant and challenging.
> Dominic was also at Armitage Road today where he saw 2 possible AMERICAN
> GOLDEN-PLOVERS, one basic and one nearly so. If anyone else has seen these
> birds he'd like confirmation or correction on the ID. He was also at
> Armitage on the 27th and saw the single RED KNOT as late as 3pm that I
> found that day.
> --Dave Nutter
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