Last night, during our sunset walk at Salt Point in Lansing, Joe and I got
some nice views of the osprey pair sharing a fish on the platform edge.
When we were ready to leave (it was getting quite dark by then) one osprey
was down incubating presumably while the other stayed alert on the perch
(ha-ha... fish or pole or both). Some movement along the outside of the
nest caught Joe's attention.  Although the light was terrible, I could see
a long, twitching tail with a slight notch and very quick movements.  Blue
gray gnatcatcher I'm guessing.  The little bird and the big osprey had to
have been aware of each other but unbothered by each other's presence. The
little bird worked its way around the edge and then into the nest itself
before it got too dark to see anymore.
What was going on? Gleaning bugs?  Anyone else seen this? Could it have
been some species other than gnatcatcher?


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