Late this evening, for the first time in weeks, I biked to the lakeshore at 
Treman State Marine Park. The OSPREY family there is doing well: one adult 
(presumably the male) perched on the bowsprit, the other (presumably the 
female) stood in the nest feeding 3 large and scruffy youngsters who are 
getting their feathers´╗┐ but don't wear them well yet. I scoped the red 
lighthouse and breakwater and counted 24 CASPIAN TERNS, apparently all adults, 
and including a few I could see fishing. This seems like a lot to me so early 
in the season, but it didn't impress eBird, so maybe it's just that I haven't 
been keeping up. I assume these are unsuccessful parents, and those who raised 
young will join them later.

--Dave Nutter

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