Around 9:30 am Friday I found yet another large Bobolink flock in the 
switchgrass field opposite and east (downhill) of the observatory on Mt 
Pleasant Rd. I'm estimating about 60 birds. I say "another" because I have not 
noticed any in that field for at least a week, when there was a big flock there.

Other birds of note:
Eastern Blue birds 2 adults and 2 fledglings.

A total of five American Kestrels on the wires along the radio tower road. At 
first there two other birds marauding as kestrels on the wires too, but they 
didn't look quite right. So when I took a binocular look I realized both were 
Northern Flickers, perching just like kestrels. Shortly, a real kestrel flew in 
chased by a crow. The first flicker disappeared immediately, I know not where. 
The kestrel strafed the second flicker, which gave an unbelievably loud shriek, 
dropped off the wire and flew rapidly back to the woods to safety!

"And that's the news from Mt Pleasant…my home town"


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