I was out about 9am and saw and heard many hundreds of Snow Geese flying
south, so if Ellie saw them in TBurg about 10am, there must have been
thousands across a broad front.  Shirley and I were on Sheffield Rd about
2pm and saw hundreds of Canadas and somewhat fewer Snows in the cornfields
around Iradell Rd.  So maybe not all the geese were headed south of the snow

Bill McAneny, TBurg



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There were similar crowds heading south over Trumansburg around 10 in the
morning as well.

Bill Mcaneny <bmcane...@fltg.net> wrote:

Lots of Canadas and Snows headed south in mid afternoon today. Big vees.
Fairly high up. Crossing rte 89 in vic. of Boy Scout camp, north of
Taughannock S.P.

Yesterday, about 2pm, a Cooper's hawk flew west over rte 13 and across
Wegman's pking lot.

Bill McAneny, TBurg


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