Around 50 minutes ago, a SHARPSHINNED HAWK landed on a branch next to a bird
feeder just outside our kitchen window.  Stayed for about 20 minutes and
left hungry.  Flew towards the other end of the house but out of sight.
Probably a young bird as it was not very red on the breast.  Within a few
minutes, a buteo landed on a cedar down by Rte 89.  Its head was rather
white, just like the juvenile Swainson's in Sibley, but the feathers on the
back were speckled white like a red-tail, so I will call it a Red-Tail with
a whitish head. The tail was plain but not red, so I will call it a juvenile
Red-Tail with a whitish head. So there you go.

BTW, we have not seen a Sharpie here in a decade.


Bill McAneny, TBurg




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