Today after the storm clouds parted around 3pm, the sun came out and Cayuga
Lake at Stewart Park was glorious, and may still be!  Can anyone verify the
following birds at Stewart Park?  They were in the far eastern corner and
then some of them moved westward.
1 Red-throated Loon in winter plumage? gorgeous, elegant, stunning and
looked more like a Western Grebe, which I know is highly unlikely if
2 Red-necked Grebes?  but the heads were dark black and bird looked more
like a Double-crested Cormorant but Mallard-size, swimming with 6
domestic(?) Snow Geese (orange beaks, no black feathers).
2 Common Mergansers?  but looked the coot-size!
and there was a Great Blue Heron napping in the muck near the RR tracks!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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