A bit late posting about this … Friday afternoon around 4:45 as I waited for my 
bus across from Bradfield Hall, I saw one Peregrine perched on the usual ledge 
about 2/3 of the way up the SW corner of the building. Then, before I could 
reach the east side of the building to check the ledges there a 2nd Peregrine 
took flight from that area and headed in a direct line SSE. Fortunately, I had 
my binoculars with me and I was able to follow it all the way over near the 
power lines that cross Judd Falls Rd. I noticed another bird sitting on the 
power lines shortly before the Peregrine made a quick dive to take a swipe at 
it. The other bird dove and took off westward and the Peregrine didn’t appear 
to follow it aggressively, but unfortunately, at that moment a bus passed by 
right behind me and I was obligated to run to check if it was mine. It wasn’t, 
so I attempted to refind the Peregrine and quickly found it on it’s way in 
direct flight back to the top of Bradfield where it sat for 30 seconds or so 
before departing again, this time westward down Tower Rd. where it soon 
disappeared from view.

It’s too bad that I was too far away and that my attention was draw away just 
as it chased the other bird off the power line, so I was not able to identify 
it, but from the little I was able to observe, I’d guess it was another falcon, 
probably a Kestrel or Merlin. If so, was that some sort of territorial behavior 
on the part of the Peregrine … certainly seems like it traveled that 1/2 mile 
or so with the express purpose of dislodging the other bird.



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