Hi all,
Sorry for the late post. A quick check of East Shore Park this morning
yielded a distant RED-NECKED GREBE in the shimmer to the far northwest. I
was able to get a better look from East Shore Drive a bit to the north to
confirm the identification. I didn't see any white-winged gulls in the few
hundred on the ice, but did see an apparent HERRING x GREAT BLACK-BACKED
GULL hybird, also present at the compost yesterday, and perhaps the same
bird that was around in late 2014. It is quite large and flat-headed with a
Lesser Black-backed -like dark gray mantle. Too large (and pink-legged) for
Lesser Black-backed and wing pattern wrong for Slaty-backed. A cool-looking
bird, though, and worth keeping an eye out for. I haven't gotten any good
shots so far this time around, but these two lists have some distant
pictures illustrating what to look for:

I see on eBird that Chris Wood and others had the Glaucous Gull and both an
adult and immature ICELAND GULL at the compost at lunch time today.

Also, for what's it's worth, on the way back from Rochester last Monday,
Livia and I stopped at the Geneva waterfront to check for gulls and ducks.
In the flock of ~1000 gulls on the shore, we picked out at least four
Iceland, two Glaucous, and a Lesser Black-backed. This spot has often been
good for white-winged gulls, and it seems this year is no exception.


Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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