Sorry for not posting this before. Sunday evening Marshall Iliff found a
Canvasback x Redhead hybrid in the flock of Canvasbacks off the ice edge
between Stewart Park and East Shore Park. This is very likely the same bird
seen a few times last winter in the same area and later at Myers Point. I
did not see it last night or this morning (the ice expanded last night and
not many ducks were visible at the south end this morning), but keep an eye
out for this bird. It is just what it sounds like, an bird intermediate
between a Canvasback and a Redhead, rather pochard-like in appearance.
Marshall has posted some photos here:

With this (re?)discovery, I think we can officially state that this winter,
the south end of Cayuga Lake has the coolest Aythya flock in the continent
(and perhaps the world?) A quick recap of the contents:

Ring-necked Duck
Tufted Duck
Greater Scaup
Lesser Scaup
Canvasback x Redhead
Redhead x Ring-necked Duck
Redhead x scaup
Ring-necked Duck x scaup
+ bonus ivory Redhead

Not too shabby.

Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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