Some of you might want to see Factory pond. Beaver has felled 2 fair sized trees along the south side. One has fallen almost entirely into the water. The other is about 1/2 in the water. Geese & ducks have never been able to swim where they are now. Gets more interesting each day.

When at the P.O. at 2 p.m. I saw a bald eagle fly over the village &, once again, fly to the WSW out to the lake. Men are ice fishing out near Frontenac Island so if I wasn't so old, I'd go for a walk to the island again. Much easier when some snow is underfoot. Walking on bare ice is nearly impossible. Some 22 yrs. ago a group from our church walked, slid, "danced" our way to the island. Kathy Strickland's son wisely had brought his ice skates & had no problem.

Beautiful, sunny, VERY crisp, windy day here. Must remember to stop at Mud Lock & Aurora Bay soon to check the eagle nests. The one at Great Gully may be a mite too far away.

Fritzie .... (yes, it really is) ... Blizzard


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