As I was driving down Rt 89 this morning, it looked like the lake had flash 
frozen overnight. There was no wind, and a dead flat lake. Anyone have any 
other  observations?

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> On Feb 25, 2015, at 2:14 PM, Kevin J. McGowan <> wrote:
> I made a stop of the Game Farm this morning and ended up not counting crows 
> or looking for rare gulls.  Instead I spent an hour photographing a pair of 
> BALD EAGLES. They were perched together in a large bare tree along the west 
> side of Dodge Road, just south of Stevenson Rd. One appeared to be a full 
> adult, the other still had a black mask and some dark in the tail, but looked 
> adult from a distance.
> While I was watching the younger bird dashed to the Game Farm and came right 
> back with a large Norway rat in its talons. Then it sat and dismembered and 
> ate the rat in the tree right next to the road as the other eagle, the crows, 
> and I watched.
> Some photos at 
> Kevin
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