As Nancy suggested, the southern part of Cayuga Lake apparently experienced
another large-scale freezing event last night or yesterday. The main ice
edge, which had remained near the dentist's office on East Shore Drive, is
still present, but this morning thin ice extended uniformly north of the
spot nearly to Portland Point. A bit south of Portland Point the surface
became less uniform, with large patches of thin ice interspersed with areas
of open water, although the distinction was difficult to ascertain from a
distance. This patchy ice continued out of sight to the north of Myers, so
I will be interested to hear what it was like along Lansing Station Road
and points north.

Although a gull flock was still present at the ice "edge" along East Shore,
most of the waterfowl I was able to find were off Portland Point and Myers
Point. From Portland, I counted 17 RED-NECKED GREBES out on the lake in
small groups, mostly in little islands of open water out in the middle of
the lake. A group of five were also flying south over the ice headed
towards Stewart Park, though I suspect they failed to find what they were
hoping for. A group of nine LONG-TAILED DUCKS flew by going north, and a
group of five WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS flew north and landed in the bay off
Ladoga Point. RED-BREASTED MERGANSER numbers were up as well, with over 60
mixed in with more numerous Common Merganser flocks and in isolated small
groups out on the lake. Good numbers of Aythya continue along the shoreline
off the Myers marina and up towards Portland Point, but I did not find the
Tufted or any hybrids among them.

Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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