I checked the west side of Cayuga Lake today.  Taughannock was mostly 
ice-bound, as was Sheldrake south of the point.  Open water north of the point, 
but scoping found only lots of RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS.  Poplar Beach was 
good--open water and scoping from one point only, I counted 22 RED-NECKED 
GREBES and 3 COMMON LOONS.  Dean's Cove mostly ice with 3 BALD EAGLES--one with 
what appeared to be a muskrat.    I hope it was not my friend there.   The East 
side of the Lake was mostly open south of the ice edge, but I did not check 
beyond Long Point SP.  I found no grebes at all along the East side--no horned 
grebes at the Wells College Boathouse even.
Steve FastBrooktondale

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