Up till yesterday (3/7) with the freezing temps. the miles-long ice sheet in 
front of my house at Lansing Station Rd. had increased in size since I reported 
its extent on Thurs 3/5. 
With today's temps in mid 30s the ice sheet has melted back about 100' along 
the shore here and about 150' out in the middle. Ice is much thicker by shore & 
also by beaches like mine with a solid crib dock, ice is piled up in big heaps 
against the beach & structures. Some pieces of ice look to be 4" thick. 

The waterfowl (Aythyas, C , H, & R Mergs, Tundra Swans, Mallards, Black Ducks, 
CA Geese, & gulls) have been following the retreating ice edges all day & I 
hope they are finding more to eat. 

An immature BALD EAGLE sat in a tree watching them for awhile, but it was being 
closely harassed by 4 of "my" 6 A. CROWS & flew north. 
I had hoped the eagle would drop down to the floating ice chunks at the ice 
edge to get one of the 7 dead birds I saw floating there & get an easy meal. 

Yesterday I also saw a dead duck on the ice at the Lans. Town marina at Myers 
Park. (There was a large area of open water surrounded by ice offshore by 
Myers). i have also encountered several ducks in various roads near the lake. 
They fly away weakly as I drive carefully around them. 
These weather/ice conditions have been hard on the wildlife. 

Looking north, it appears that a big area of liquid water has opened up around 
the Power Plant since I saw most of it frozen over on Thursday. 

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Donna Scott

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