Loved it!  Thanks so much.
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> On Mar 7, 2015, at 5:14 PM, Dave Nutter <> wrote:
> Two points of potential interest about Tufted Ducks, in addition to the fact 
> that the short-tufted male continues (as late as 3:30pm) close to the point 
> at the Ithaca Yacht Club:
> I did not see the Tufted Duck in the Ladoga area but I am told that on 22 
> February it was seen to have a normal long tuft. Did other observers see 
> this? Does anybody have photos which might argue for this being the same bird 
> having lost tuft feathers or for it being a different bird based on some 
> other characteristics, such as bill markings? 
> If you are interested in the species in its native climes, albeit not a 
> totally natural situation, below is a link to a half-hour movie, 50 or more 
> years old, from Sweden, which Stefhan Ohlström sent me. The movie is in 
> black-and-white, which works fine for this species, and the narration, 
> without subtitles, is in Swedish, but this also doesn't matter a whole lot if 
> you don't listen Swedish, as the plot is pretty obvious. I will explain the 
> title, "Viggen Viggo". You may have heard of the actor, Viggo Mortensen, who 
> my wife Laurie tells me is an Upstate New Yorker of Danish heritage. "Viggo" 
> is just a Scandinavian first name. But Vigg is the common Swedish name for  
> _Aythya fuligula_, what we call Tufted Duck. The suffix "-en" is the Swedish 
> way of indicating the article "the". So the title means, "Viggo the Tufted 
> Duck," but of course it is more cute in Swedish.
> --Dave Nutter
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