I got kind of a late start this morning having been caught at home listening to 
the dawn chorus (!finally!). Didn’t get to the south end of the Basin until 
almost 9am. Nevertheless, there was a BLUE-HEADED VIREO singing along Maple 
Avenue (W. Danby) and a RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET along Tupper Road just above Geo’s 

Then, from a hedgerow along the second field at Lindsay-Parson’s Preserve, I 
heard my FOY BROWN THRASHER singing. It was full song, but quite soft, and I 
was left wondering if it was a first year bird just trying out its song. And it 
was not perched high up in one of the trees or even at the top of a shrub. I 
never saw it because it was buried somewhere in the thickness of the brush. 
There was another Ruby-crowned there as well. Oh, and an immature Bald Eagle 
flew off from the edge of Coleman lake as I approached. Offspring from the 
Spencer Lake pair?

Bob McGuire

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