As of 12:30 pm today, there were abundant Bonaparte's Gulls flying in 
streams up and down the lake off E. Varick, in the same area as 
described in yesterday's emails.  The lake was choppy and white capped, 
the light was very bright and flashing off the waves, and I have no idea 
if any Little Gulls might have been lurking among the scores of swooping 
and banking Bonaparte gulls.  While I was there the flock headed off to 
the north, still flying close to the water. No way to tell if they were 
exploring other nearby spots and might return or if they were intending 
to move on.

Also along that stretch of Rte 89: about 15 snow geese in the narrow 
strip of grass between the road and the lake at the pull off at 4590, 
and several groups of from 2-8 Horned Grebes scattered, close to shore, 
from that point to about a mile south of there.

Beautiful day, even if the bright light reflecting off the water could 
make looking at lake birds harder.


On 4/19/2015 1:43 PM, Jay McGowan wrote:
> At least two of 3+ LITTLE GULLS of various ages found by Tim Lenz an 
> hour ago still present in Varick, on water across from 4590 Rt. 89.
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