Good evening,
I just wanted to report out on our birding trip around the Owasco Flats Nature 
Reserve on Saturday, April 18.  Thank you to those that attended!  It was a 
beautiful morning despite it being fairly quiet and muddy!  We started around 
8:45 AM and ended about 11:30 AM, following the 1.0 mile loop trail that 
started at the Rte. 38 pull off.   For those that aren't familiar, from the 
parking lot, the trail follows an old railroad bed before winding towards 
Owasco Creek which you follow until you reach the southern end of Owasco Lake.  
The trail then proceeds along a gravel road before circling back onto the 
railroad bed again to the parking lot.  So there is a great mix of habitats to 
bird along the way...forested wetland, open marsh, the lake and upland forest.  
In short, all species heard or seen were very common (32 total), except for a 
lone calling Virginia rail along the north side of the gravel road. 
We saw...American robinWhite-breasted nuthatchWood duckRed-winged 
blackbirdBlack-capped chickadeeBlue jayDowny woodpeckerMallardGreat blue 
heronCanada gooseTufted titmouseHairy woodpeckerEuropean starlingSong 
sparrowTree swallowCommon grackleBuffleheadScaup 
spp.RedheadOspreyDouble-crested cormorantEastern pheobeNorthern cardinalHerring 
gullRing-billed gull
We heard...Red-bellied woodpeckerAmerican crowAmerican goldfinchNorthern 
flickerPileated woodpeckerChipping sparrowVirginia rail Other non-bird species 
observed or heard were painted turtles, spring peepers, northern leopard frog 
and several dead mudpuppies were found along the bank of the creek (presumably 
stranded from receding flood waters).
We will host another birding trip on Saturday, May 23 if you'd like to 
participate.  The start time is yet to be set, so stay tuned for that 
announcement as we get closer to the date.  It will most likely be earlier than 
this last trip.
Thanks and happy birding!

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