?Hi all.

Recently I had chance to look at the spectrograms of the songs of Chipping 
sparrow and Dark-eyed junco as they are considered to be difficult to 

Chipping Sparrow does beautiful variation in its song. The energy  level peaks 
either at higher frequency in every subsequent trill note or decreases.  And 
sometimes it forms a nice pattern of energy peaking in each trill note.  Also 
it is of much longer duration. While junco's trill were shorter almost 
replicable length for each phrase and the energy level peaked in subsequent 
trills rather randomly. I need to look more closely if there is any difference. 
I will have to record more Chipping sparrows to see if it holds true for all 
chipping sparrows or it was this particular individual who did  so much 

I also had recorded a Song Sparrow on the same day. Out of nine songs I 
recorded, eight of them were different in some respect or the other in the 
notes used and the placing of the notes. And there was another Song Sparrow 
singing some distance away it also seemed to do lot of variation in its song 
but not as much as the closer one.

It is such fun to learn the differences of individuals and I am very excited.  
I must look at my older Song Sparrow recordings and pay attention to their 

If anyone else is curious to see the spectrogram send me an email to me at 
m...@cornell.edu<mailto:m...@cornell.edu> I will mail the spectrogram.



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