I was at Montezuma so I checked for the raft of Loons reported at Mud Lock. 
There were no Loons when I arrived around 4pm. I also checked behind the 
village offices in Cayuga with no luck. I found 1 Horned Grebe and 1 Pied Bill 
Grebe and a single Redhead at Mud Lock.   It was quiet around Montezuma today. 
I did have 5 Dunlin in the corn stubble on Carncross Rd. with 18 possibly more 
Greater Yellowlegs.  Wood Ducks seemed to be everywhere. On the East Rd. I 
observed a pair of woodies fly out of a tree and join a Sandhill Crane feeding 
in the corn field.  What a strange trio they made with the Woodies feeding 
under the Crane. VanDyne Spoor Rd. had good numbers of waterfowl with N. 
Pintail being the most prevalent.Good Birding, Janet Akin

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