I had time for a brief walk in Cass Park and along the railroad grade behind it 
(is it officially the Black Diamond Trail yet?) and met another part of the 
ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK wave, first heard singing, then a male seen. Also a 
NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH sang a couple times from a wetland, and BLUE-GRAY 
GNATCATCHERS chased and wheezed in the treetops.

Yesterday as I was driving up Gun Shop Hill (Lake St, Ithaca) and reflexively 
checking out the top of the smokestack. I saw a black bird about Red-winged 
Blackbird sized but lacking epaulettes flying up to perch on one of the 
antenna-like metal lightning rods or ineffective bird deterrents, and then I 
glimpsed white on the belly. If I hadn't had a taxi customer in the car I would 
have stopped and used binoculars to confirm. As it is I think it was an Eastern 
Kingbird, but that I shouldn't count it because the view was too brief, 
distant, and awkward. I returned within a few minutes but it was gone.

Yesterday's (4/29) new basin birds of which I'm aware were
NASHVILLE WARBLER by Steve Kelling at the Lab of O, Sapsucker Woods, Lansing
PRAIRIE WARBLER by Steve Fast at Baldwin Tract of Park Preserve, Dryden

Today so far I've heard reports of new:
BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER by Jeff Gerbracht at his place in Caroline
BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER by Mark Chao et al in Sapsucker Woods, Dryden
OVENBIRD by Geo Kloppel at Lindsay-Parsons, Newfield/Danby
ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK by Mark Chao at Sapsucker Woods Lansing/Dryden; 
Stephanie Greenwood at Eco-Village, Ithaca; myself at Cass Park, Ithaca

Enough email, back to reality.

--Dave Nutter

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