I sure wish you could export some of those Merlins to me up in Auburn.  I have 
tons of House Sparrows for them to eat.

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> On Jul 28, 2015, at 10:54 PM, Dave Nutter <nutter.d...@me.com> wrote:
> Nestlings may have fledged, but Merlins still have to eat and hunt. Yesterday 
> (Monday 27 July) at 9:32am I was on Meadow Street waiting to turn left onto 
> Buffalo Street by the FastRack gas station when I heard a short succession of 
> unidentified agitated call notes to my left. Immediately afterward I saw a 
> MERLIN carrying small prey and flying from near the source of the sound, 
> proceeding northeast low over Joe's Restaurant, across Meadow Street, then 
> lost to view among treetops. Was the nest by the Finger Lakes Land Trust 
> office successful? That's the direction it went. I don't know whether the 
> sound was from the Merlin, its prey, its prey's parent, or another witness.
> By the way, I haven't noticed an actual shortage of House Sparrows yet, and 
> to me Merlins seem like a good trade for them so far.
> --Dave Nutter
>> On Jul 28, 2015, at 09:22 AM, John Confer <con...@ithaca.edu> wrote:
>> Thanks to assistance from participants in the cayugabirds-l, Mark Witmer, 
>> Maddie Ulinski, and I were able to monitor 7 Merlin nests this 
>> spring-summer. The Briarwood Lane nest fledged the third of three nestlings 
>> this morning (28 July). Five nests were in Ithaca, one in Dryden and one of 
>> Wells College campus. Three of the nests were predated. Although this is a 
>> statistically tiny sample, it provides a very high rate of nest failure in 
>> comparison to other, large surveys. The dominant prey species at all nests 
>> was the House Sparrow. Interestingly, House Sparrows have been declining 
>> very rapidly, a decline that started long before Merlin started to nest and 
>> increase in abundance in New York.
>> It is nice to have our little urban falcon zipping around the town/city, 
>> picking off a lot of species but mostly House Sparrows.
>> Thanks again for directing us to nest locations.
>> John, Mark, and Maddie
>> --
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