Today I walked along the new "path" along the south side of Mill pond. 
Needless to say, it left me feeling angry that the scout's mother, who 
admitted to me that she knew next to nothing about birds & their needs, 
pushed through their (her) agenda of making the path, DESPITE all the 
letters you caring, knowledgeable birders wrote. Letters that were 
polite, filled with suggests & reasons why the path should not be there.

This was a mother pushing her shy son into something she thought he/they 
could do so he could become an Eagle Scout. I understand ...  it's hard 
to find projects that would earn a merit badge. (The roofless, gazebo 
with no seats was one.)

  I don't know who on the village board gave the final approval or if 
liability has been considered. I do know that the former mayor who 
recently resigned, was ready to give immediate approval at that 1st 
meeting after only the _barest_ of plans were presented. Indeed, there 
were no _real_ plans presented at the meeting I attended. It was _just a 
proposal_ with the boy to give more thorough plans at a future date as 
to what part the village would play & what the boy was to do. Oh, & he 
proposed erecting a sign about the birds that stop there.

So folks, today I did a slow boil as I walked the rough path which still 
needs a LOT of clearing, leveling, digging out stumps & putting in wood 
chips. The path is as close as 5' from the water (with no bushes to hide 
walkers) & as far as 20'. Beware, in places there is poison ivy 
underfoot & along the path. A beaver has dropped a tree into the water. 
I was happy to see a catbird in bushes between me & the water. ALL the 
ducks were at the NE area of the pond. Not unusual but what will it be 
like when the pond is full? Futile question.

Thank you all who tried, as did I, to keep the pond edge & the pond as a 
safe haven & home for "our" birds.

Fritzie   .... 24 yrs. here, loving & enjoying the birds of Union Springs.


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