Just a heads-up…

I happened to check some of my weather references for the coming week and 
noticed that Tropical Storm Joaquin, currently just East of the Bahamas, is 
forecast to make landfall around the Delmarva Peninsula or Cape May, NJ areas 
as a Category 2 Hurricane (976mb) around 8am Sunday morning (10/4). This system 
will then weaken to a Category 1 Hurricane (992mb) as it moves North through 
central New York, just East of the Finger Lakes Region, on Monday morning 
(10/5) through midnight Monday night and gradually drifting Northeast through 
Tuesday and departing by Wednesday morning (10/7).

Be prepared and have a watchful eye for unexpected and typically pelagic 
seabirds on sizable lakes anytime Monday through Wednesday (10/5-10/7) and on 
the days following the departure of this system from our area, as birds filter 
from Lake Ontario back toward the ocean (10/7-10/9).

The only caveat with this alert is that this is a forecast, and forecasts 
change – especially forecasts greater than a few days out. So, everything 
mentioned above is purely meant as a heads-up to check your favorite weather 
forecast site for more information as Tropical Storm Joaquin develops into a 
Hurricane and heads our way.

Good luck and good birding!!

Chris T-H

PS - one of my favorite sites to evaluate large scale storm systems is Magic 

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