Today (Saturday) some of the intrepid birders whom Donna Scott mentioned went 
to various places in the Cayuga Lake Basin, mostly trying to find birds which 
were previously reported and managing to overlook those which had not yet been 
reported. However a species which appears to be new for the year for the basin 
is MUTE SWAN of which I (and Diane Morton, Ken Kemphues, Bob McGuire & Ann 
Mitchell) saw 3 swimming near the western ice edge north of Cayuga Lake State 
Park (Seneca County, Town of Seneca Falls). We were scoping from Harris Park in 
the Village of Cayuga on the east side (Cayuga County, Town of Aurelius).

I’m glad to hear we had an excuse for overlooking the American Pipits even 
though we thought about them - we lack infrared vision!

—Dave Nutter

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