Thanks for the reply Dave!
By the way, I WAS able to read even your first email.
Anyway, thanks for the reply.

On 1/9/2016 7:11 PM, Dave Nutter wrote:
> Peter,
> On the afternoon of 5 January Ann Mitchell & I saw a flock of about 25 
> BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS, males & females, on the shoulder of Fenner Rd 
> near NYS-34B, which is in the northwest corner of the Town of Lansing 
> in Tompkins County. They were not present during a couple of more 
> recent visits. They were first-of-year for both of us. I think the 
> cowbirds wander. Several MOURNING DOVES were also on the road shoulder 
> that day, but they flushed separately and did remain in the area. We 
> also saw a few HORNED LARKS elsewhere along Fenner Road that day, and 
> today we saw some just north of Fenner on Davis Rd.
> --Dave Nutter
> PS - Apologies to those who found this message redundant. After I 
> first sent it to CayugaBirds-L I realized it was in the form which 
> turns to garbage on some people’s email (including Peter’s!) and on 
> the digests and archives, so I this time it is in a form that I hope 
> is legible all those ways. I’m trying to get in the habit of sending 
> messages to Cayugabirds in this more universally readable way, but 
> sometimes I forget.
> On Jan 08, 2016, at 07:30 PM, Peter < 
> <>> wrote:
>> Hi folks.
>> Pulled into my driveway today only to see a bunch of cowbirds (both 
>> male and females) scurrying around the ground going after spilled 
>> feed.  Am wondering if there are any other reports of cowbirds out there.
>> Thanks.
>> Pete Saracino
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