I took a friend with me to look for the Snow Buntings and Horned Larks on
Scofield Rd.today about 2:30pm today.  We first came upon a Rough-legged
Hawk that flew to rest in a tree near us and then off to the other side of
a field where it hovered for about ten minutes and then disappeared into or
over a hedgerow.  Then we saw about a flock of six.  At first I thought
they were Snow Buntings because I saw tan colors around the face, but then
saw black necklaces...no horns....it could have been a mixed flock.  They
did not stay long, but then we rounded the corner and found another six or
so, not sure if these were the same ones.  These ones were definitely
Horned Larks with black under the eyes, yellow under bill, and black
choker...but no horns! Maybe those develop in spring?  Pileated Woodpecker
was seen at the intersection of VanOstrand and forgot the name of this
road.  Red-tailed Hawk was in the same tree as lat year at the intersection
of 34B and forgotton road.

At Lansing Recreation Trail, we saw a Northern Harrier  hovering over a
field.  We saw the white rump, and there was a Chipping Sparrow a
hedgerow.  There were two other bird species in there, but I could not find
them.  One was tapping some wood.


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