For the past 3 hours, a flock of STARLINGS has been building up in our
neighborhood next to Rte 89.  I would estimate that there are currently
(almost noon) over 1000 birds, almost all Starlings with a robin or two and
some cowbirds.

It is awesome to be at or near the center of activity. It is just like the
movie.  I am expecting a panic-stricken call any moment from Tippi Hedrin.

For the most part, the birds are in the grass in the field, poking around
for bugs and seeds.  Some are in the crabapples and some are in the
buckthorns and many are just hanging out in the other (non-food) trees.
Every so often, the flock rises up and moves en masse to drop their
blessings on another part of the neighborhood.  That's the time to get an
idea of the total number in the flock. It could even be as many as 2000
birds. Awesome.  And today is one of our FeederWatch days.  We have already
had a flyover Raven. Happy Bird-day.


Bill and Shirley McAneny, TBurg, opposite the Boy Scout camp


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