Sorry to post late but I just wanted to send a note that yesterday the
Snowy Owl was seen again on the west side of Seybolt Road just north of
Freese road in Seneca Falls.(I know I missed it last week as did others).

    Later, I and 2 helpers were working on the Montezuma Raptor survey at
Cayuga marsh walking the tracks in from route 89 opposite the village of
Cayuga. We totaled 10 Northern Harriers and I Short-eared Owl. On the south
side of the tracks a probable Common Yellowthroat called a couple times from
the marsh just east of the wooded edge. I know the call I just prefer to see
the bird to be sure.

     Just before dark a Snowy owl appeared on the top of the tallest power
pole farthest to our east along the railroad tracks. Don't know where it was
when I was viewing the 2000 plus Tundra Swans from Mud Lock earlier. With no
ice it could have been anywhere. 1000's(probably 15) of Snow Geese flew in
from the north and joined the swans to roost south of Mud lock.

     Several  groups of around 1000 Redhead each were spread out from Cayuga
Lake State Park on the west to south to Union springs on the east. The west
side birds, although distant, had a good number of Canvasback (50ish) mixed
in and the union spring birds had a few of both Scaup species  and close to
500 Ring-necked Ducks.

 Mike Tetlow 


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