For some weeks now, at 4pm every day (within 5 minutes or so), two male 
Pileated Woodpeckers arrive and loudly announce their presence from our 
neighbor's tree. Sometimes they fly over to the box-elder next to our 
house to our suet feeder..

Today Gin and I went for a walk down Dodge Rd and on the way back 
encountered the two down near the spruce woods at about 3:45pm. I said, 
"let's watch, they will be at our house when we get back there." Sure 
enough, at 4:01pm we got to our back yard to loud "Wuk,wuk,....." cries 
from next door. One flew back across Ellis Hollow Rd but the other 
stayed on the tree. This is a daily ritual by which I can tell the time 
within 5 minutes.

Later in March the two will come and chase each other around our yard, 
sometimes displaying up and down parallel trees. This has been going on 
for many years.
Here is a quote from my email to Cayugabirds-L on March 20, 2008:
"As I worked at my desk at home, a few minutes ago first one and then 
another brilliant Pileated woodpecker flew in to a  spruce trunk just 
outside my window. One brilliant scarlet crest was fully raised. I think 
both were males. Before I could get my camera they began a dance around 
the trees and then flew from tree to tree all around the house, west to 
north  to east and finally around to the backyard (south) again, before 
flying off. All this was at upstairs window height, fully displaying 
their awesome shapes as they flew around while we watched. "
Here is another excerpt from March 9, 2013:
"A few minutes ago, as we were having lunch, two gorgeous male Pileated 
Woodpeckers flew down just outside our window, one low on the box-elder 
the other low on a black locust nearby. I think they were sizing up each 
other, in an annual Spring ritual in our yard. In my bird archives I see 
that last year they appeared on Feb. 12, and in 2011 on March 20, when 
they chased each other repeatedly all around our yard."

It's tempting to believe these are the same two every year, but who 
knows .....

Nari & Gin Mistry
Ellis Hollow Rd.


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