Hi All,

A quick reminder that there is a Club meeting this evening at 7:30pm in the 
auditorium at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  After a bit of business, we’ll 
hear from Dr. Anastasia Dalziell about her fascinating research on 
vocalizations of Superb Lyrebirds.

Since the Club’s last meeting, there has been a lot of communication between 
the Club and the City of Ithaca with respect to broad ideas for enhancing 
Stewart Park as a must-visit destination for birds and birders.  The meeting 
tonight will be the first official opportunity for me to share some of the 
things being discussed and to provide opportunities for Club members to get 
involved (see my President’s column in the March newsletter for heads-up 

For now, let me just say that the City is committed to making Stewart Park not 
only a fun destination for local residents, but a place that is particularly 
bird- and birder-friendly.  Rick Manning and others from the City will be 
speaking at our May meeting and will be seeking ideas at that time from the 
Club about a broad management planning effort focused on Stewart Park.

Please come to the Club meeting tonight for a bit more information.  Here are 
some highlights.

Restoration of the stone overlook at the Fuertes Bird Sanctuary (“Swan Pen”).
Focus on native plants and habitat restoration for birds and other wildlife, 
which may include removal of non-native, invasive species.
Development of a schedule of regular public bird walks at the Park.
Development of a plan for on-site nature-based educational opportunities.
Development and implementation of a comprehensive goose-management plan for the 
southern end of Cayuga Lake, including opportunities for Club members to help 
with population estimates, nest searches, and other data gathering activities.

Finally,  check out this link, which will take you to an announcement for a 
fund-raiser to be held in April promoting the idea that Stewart Park is for the 

I hope many of your on this listserv are able to attend tonight’s meeting of 
the Cayuga Bird Club.

Jody Enck
President, Cayuga Bird Club


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